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I’m 26 years old, graduated from college, and trying to find my way in this crazy, beautiful, contradictory world. I don’t know where I will be or what I will be doing and I live life with full knowledge of this fact. This blog and the words on these pages will always, always, be a true representation of myself. I don’t live life under some disguise, in every way I strive to be real. So read these words and think on them. They are meant to bring you to some other level of thought and there will be a great range of topics and emotions.

These poems are from various times in my life, some are from before college when I was just starting to get into poetry and others are from each year of college and still others are from this new time in my post-college life. I have eight “books” of poetry, a pre-college book called “Shine” three after college books called “Dawn… Dusk”, “Rise” and “Vistas” and four books for every year in college: “Stand”, “Perceive”,” Transfigure”, and “Conclude” respectively.

I have a strong belief in God and in the deliverance that His Son Jesus gave us but I come at this from a Jewish perspective as I am Jewish. There will be a few poems that will reflect this and I hope that doesn’t deterred you but rather spur you towards deeper thoughts on the subject of God and life in general.

I graduated with a science-focused degree and I understand that things in our natural history seem to contradict God but I think that God is more then us to trying to see Him in our research or data and more then disassociating Him from our world and lives because He is clearly seen in the details, when you are alone in your bed at the end of your rope, when you are standing at the end of the aisle seeing your love, when you hold your first child in your arms for the first time, when someone you were close to leaves this world, when you are grasping onto that last dollar for dear life… God is Love through holocausts… His existence doesn’t negate pain or suffering but provides us within ourselves the Truth that all will be made right and fall away forgotten in Immensity…

Sorry for that tangent and I’m not entirely sure why I wrote it… again… there is nothing random in life… that “feeling” you get to say something to that person on the subway or in the grocery store, to make that social comment to them (Love your dress! Your kid is so cute! Oh don’t eat those, get these ones instead…) is proof of the connection that is inherent all around us and proves that Love is all around us and that something connects us all. When you are sitting with those strangers at the bar and on the News you all see another catastrophe of human depravity fill the screen and the person next to you curses and the others around you are all silent…

My poems will touch on many different topics and I hope you see that I am coming at those topics as someone who has lived a quarter century… a.k.a. not a voice of authority… merely sincerity. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and I hope the words touch you in someway, good or bad, because either is a reaction and a reaction to something I say is proof that something went on in your head or heart. I am not here to sway anyone to a side or even to preach, but just to shine, just to change, just to perceive, just to rise, just to stand and hopefully move one person to think on things as well.

I’m glad you all can join me and hopefully appreciate and grow and think on the things I write about. I have faith that people know these poems were written by me and only me, I did not plagiarize any of them, and I hope that people keep that in mind so as to not use these words without my consent.

Go check out my posts and feel free to like, comment and of course *follow me or subscribe via email* as I will be routinely updating with fresh and new poems/thoughts as often as I can. Thank you!

God bless


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